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Child Welfare Policy Manual: Table of Contents

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6.3   CCWIS data
spacer6.3A   Federal data
spacer6.3B   State data
spacer6.3C   ICWA
spacer6.3D   NCANDS

6.4   Reporting
spacer6.4A   Federal reports

6.5   Data quality
spacer6.5E   Data quality plans

6.6   Data exchanges
spacer6.6A   Financial systems
spacer6.6F   Title IV-A systems
spacer6.6I   Title IV-D systems
spacer6.6J   Court systems
spacer6.6K   Education systems

6.10   Submission
spacer6.10A   Initial submission
spacer6.10B   On-going submission
spacer6.12A.1   Modularity
spacer6.12A.2   Plain language
spacer6.12A.3   Development standard
spacer6.12A.4   Reuse
spacer6.12B   Design waivers

6.13   CCWIS options

6.14   CCWIS reviews

6.15   Transition Period

6.16   Cost allocation
spacer6.16C.1   Development
spacer6.16C.2   Operations

6.17   Failure to comply
spacer6.17A   Suspension
spacer6.17B   Ending suspension
spacer6.17C   Recoupment



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