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8.1  TITLE IV-E, Administrative Functions/Costs

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Question 1.  
 Is the cost of conducting criminal records checks for prospective foster and adoptive parents an allowable administrative cost under title IV-E?

Question 2.  
 Can a case assessment be considered an allowable administrative cost?

Question 3.  
 May a State use title IV-E administrative funds for such items as beds or smoke detectors to help prospective foster family homes meet licensing standards?

Question 4.  
 Are the costs of medical exams necessary for a prospective foster parent to obtain and retain a foster family home license or approval an allowable administrative cost under title IV-E?

Question 5.  
 May a State that receives a request for an out-of-State home study from another State pursuant to section 471(a)(26) of the Social Security Act (the Act) claim title IV-E administrative costs to comply with the request?

Question 6.  
 May a State claim administrative costs on behalf of an otherwise eligible child for an entire month when the child is placed in a licensed or approved foster family home or child care institution for less than an entire month?

Question 7.  
 May a title IV-E agency claim title IV-E foster care administrative costs for the identification of sex trafficking and for associated case management as administration in accordance with sections 471(a)(9) and (34) of the Social Security Act (Act)?



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