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8.3B  TITLE IV-E, Foster Care Maintenance Payments Program, Payments

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Question 1.  
 Under title IV-E, how is the term "foster care maintenance payments" defined?

Question 2.  
 Does title IV-E preclude a State agency from passing on to the child title IV-E funds for his use for his maintenance in an independent living program?

(Deleted 02/25/2011)

Question 3.  
 Please clarify how funds may be disbursed for allowable child care.

Question 4.  
 Federal policy allows a title IV-E agency to include child care for working foster parents in the title IV-E foster care maintenance payment. Are there any Federal requirements that prohibit a title IV-E agency from providing child care for working foster parents in some but not all "political subdivisions" or jurisdictions?

Question 5.  
 May title IV-E foster care maintenance payments flow through a for-profit entity to the foster care provider?

Question 6.  
 May title IV-E eligible children in adoptive homes receive title IV-E foster care maintenance payments prior to finalization of adoption?

Question 7.  
 May the title IV-E agency claim a title IV-E foster care maintenance payment for an allowable provider that covers the entire month if a child is temporarily absent for a portion of the month? For example, the child has run away, goes on a weekend home visit, or is hospitalized for medical treatment during some part of the month.

Question 8.  
 Must a title IV-E agency discontinue title IV-E foster care maintenance payments provided per section 475(8)(B) of the Act for a youth who is age 18 or older if the title IV-E agency determines that the youth is no longer meeting the education or employment criteria, or is no longer incapable of meeting any of these criteria due to a medical condition, as elected by the title IV-E agency?

Question 9.  
 May a title IV-E agency make title IV-E foster care maintenance payments directly to a youth age 18 or older who is in a supervised independent living setting under agency supervision?



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