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8.1C  TITLE IV-E, Administrative Functions/Costs, Calculating Claims

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Question 1.  
 May a title IV-E agency claim Federal financial participation (FFP) in the title IV-E foster care and adoption assistance programs based on estimates of quarterly expenditures, or must FFP be claimed on the basis of actual expenditures reported quarterly?

Question 2.  
 What is the connection between the date the child is considered to have entered foster care and when the title IV-E agency may claim Federal financial participation (FFP) for foster care maintenance payments?

Question 3.  
 A title IV-E agency asks whether it is required to apply an eligibility factor to child specific costs for children whom it "reasonably views as candidates for title IV-E foster care maintenance payments".

Question 4.  
 Licenses for foster family homes and child-care institutions often go into effect or may lapse on a day other than the first or last day of the month. How should the title IV-E agency claim Federal financial participation (FFP) for a title IV-E eligible child who is placed in a foster family home or child-care institution that is licensed for a portion of a month?

Question 5.  
 When May Federal financial participation (FFP) begin for candidates for foster care?

Question 6.  
 Are administrative funds available at 50% Federal financial participation (FFP) for the cost of accrediting a title IV-E agency?

Question 7.  
 Section 472(i)(2) of the Social Security Act permits title IV-E agencies to claim administrative costs on behalf of a candidate for foster care who is potentially eligible for benefits under a title IV-E plan under this part. Does the phrase "potentially eligible" mean that the title IV-E agency must determine that a child would meet the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) eligibility criteria at the time of removal before claiming allowable costs?

Question 8.  
 Which children should be included in the numerator and which in the denominator to determine a title IV-E foster care participation rate for purposes of claiming title IV-E Foster Care program administrative costs under section 474(a)(3) of the Social Security Act (the Act)?



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