Issue Management

To better enforce and monitor Section 508 guidelines, HHS uses an automated, department-wide web crawler to scan all public-facing websites and PDFs. The web crawler, Deque WorldSpace, flags accessibility violations and provides monthly reports to each OpDiv. Issue managers are granted access to their respective report (containing a score, a list of scanned pages and PDFs, and violations) for further action. The monthly scores are also published on a leaderboard.

Note: All Issue Managers must have access to the HHS/ACF network to review Deque reports.

What is Issue Management?

Issue Management (IM) is the monthly process of remediating accessibility issues that Deque WorldSpace has flagged. At ACF, each program or support office with a presence on ACF’s public website should have at least one designated Issue Manager. The Issue Manager must have internal network access because the web crawler is behind the firewall.

The web crawler may flag issues with the website and/or PDFs. Issue Managers are responsible for promptly communicating required fixes to their respective contractors or internal staff. If a website related issue is flagged regarding the global Drupal template, please contact the Office of Communications for assistance.

It is important to ensure our websites and its content is accessible so everyone can access important information and services. ACF’s accessibility scores are also shown to senior leadership. Therefore, it is important for Issue Managers to stay up-to-date on monthly remediation efforts. Scores that are 76% and above are rated “Acceptable” and scores 75.99% and below are rated “Needs Improvement”.

Learn more about Issue Management and how Deque works.

Accessibility Leaderboards

For transparency and accountability, HHS maintains a leaderboard to display overall accessibility scores for each OpDiv’s public facing website(s) and PDFs. There are 2 versions of the leaderboard- public and internal. Both leaderboards are based on the monthly scores reported by the web crawler.


The public leaderboard Visit disclaimer page , available to all website visitors, displays overall accessibility scores for each OpDiv. For each OpDiv score, users can drill down one level to see individual scores for each scanned website belonging to that OpDiv.

Scores that are 76% and above are rated “Acceptable” and scores 75.99% and below are rated “Needs Improvement”.


The internal leaderboard will be available at a later date and will only be accessible to employees with network access. The internal leaderboard will provide additional details on website scores and allow access to all individual website reports. For now, Issue Managers will only be provided a direct link to access the specific website report within his/her purview.