Google Analytics


ACF is a part of the Digital Analytics Program (DAP ) which is a federal-wide program that offers advanced, easy Web analytics to federal agencies. With DAP we accomplish: 1)The federal mandate Visit disclaimer page that requires all government agencies to implement DAP on all public facing federal websites, and 2) it allows us to access a premium set of tools to use for our own analysis.

DAP Data Output Example

Gaining Access

You can sign in to your Analytics account from Visit disclaimer page . Click Access Analytics, then enter your Google email address and password. When you have successfully logged in click Home at the top of the Analytics page to see the accounts, properties, and views to which you have access.

Google Account Page example

Custom Reports

A monthly custom report is generated for each Program Office and it provides data on the following metrics:

Analytics Custom Report

  • Visits
  • Unique Visitors
  • % of New Visits
  • New visits vs. Return Visits
  • Traffic from Social Networks
  • User Engagement Activity
  • Unique Pageviews vs. Time on Page
  • Total Downloads
  • Newsletter signups
  • Downloads by File type
  • Top keywords used


This report is delivered to the digital liaison for each program office every month.

Analyze Traffic Using Pre-made Reports

Pre-made reports are also available for each program office through your Google account. The reports allow you to analyze your data, visualize trends, and focus on segments of data that are of specific interest.

For further information on the analytics program, email the Digital Communications team.