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September 25, 2020
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The Digital Analytics Program (DAP), an implementation of Google Analytics 360 (GA) for federal agencies, goes beyond pageviews.

Setting goals, not pageviews, is the very important first step in analyzing your website’s usefulness. Without defining your website goals, most of the available analytic reports in Google will not be very useful.

The DAP management team recently produced a webinar as part of their DAP Learning Series called, “Shifting Your Metrics Mindset.” The webinar demonstrates several points on how to use data beyond pageviews to conduct analysis and make decisions on how to improve your customer’s website experiences.

How to Look Beyond Pageviews

  • Set goals for your website. What are the specific things you want your customers to do on your site--what is your site’s main purpose? Are these things trackable? Your goal(s) must be specific and trackable in Google Analytics. This step will guide what you track.
  • Define your website mission and key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs are the metric that measures the performance of your goals. And, directly influence how you understand your data. It will tell you what metrics and dimensions to configure for your analytics reports and dashboards.
  • Answer questions your leadership ask. Questions will give the context to your reports. You need to know what questions your leadership wants answers to in order to track the data for those answers.
  • Take Action. Make changes based on your results. Use the insights from your data to help management make decisions and/or to change something on your site to improve your users’ experience.

DAP Learning Series: Shifting Your Metric Mindset

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