Google Data Studio: Embed Reports on Your Website

April 27, 2021
| OC Digital Team
Data Studio - Embed Reports

Google Data Studio is a free tool that allows you to create beautiful reports from multiple data sources.  You can connect to countless data sources that range from information you’ve collected, your analytical or research data, and much more.

We have put together an easy-to-follow guide on how-to turn your data into reports that are fully customizable. These reports create visuals that will update dynamically, and are easy to embed on your website.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

You must be signed into your Google account to create reports with Data Studio
Create a Google Account here Visit disclaimer page if you do not have one.

Step 2: Go to Data Studio Homepage

Step 3: Add Your Data Source

To add your data source go to top left of your screen, click Create; Select "Data Source"; You will be prompted to complete your Data Studio account setup; Complete the form then press --> Press Continue.

Step 4: Select Your Data

For the purposes of our demonstration we have a .CSV file that we will select to  “File Upload”. Upload your file. Then Click the "Connect"  button at the top right of your screen.


Step 5: Your Data Connection Screen

Once you connect to your data you will see a screen similar to the screen below.  Click "Create Report" in the top-right of your screen.


Step 6: Your Generated Data Report

By default Data Studio will generate a generic report for you -- similar to the report shown below. We will learn how to develop our reports further in next installment of this series "Using Data Studio - Part II".


Step 7: Locate Embed Code

Click the arrow next to "Share" in the top right of your screen. Then select "Embed Report" from the dropdown, as shown below.


Step 8: Copy Embed Code to Clipboard.


Step 9: Paste the iframe code onto your page via Drupal WYSIWYG Paste

Use your normal formatting techniques to embed and format the iframe code onto your page.

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