Content Guidelines

The ACF website features many different kinds of content — blog posts, success stories, events, and many more. Each one needs different things to be as effective as possible. 

Family Room Blog

The Family Room Blog allows ACF and its programs to talk about what is going on agency-wide.

Success Stories

Success stories are a type of content within the ACF website. They are a chance for your program to talk about the good things that are happening with your initiatives.


An event listing on the website should let the visitor know three things — what’s happening, where it’s happening, and when it’s happening.

Fact Sheets

Fact sheets are intended to provide a quick, summarized overview of a topic, focusing on key points. Ideally, the fact sheet should be a single page, but never be more than two pages. It should be able to be presented on a single sheet of paper if printed.

Portable Document Format (PDFs)

The standard for sharing content on the ACF website is HTML or via web page(s). The Portable Document Format, or PDF file should only be used if a document is static, will not change after being published, and is longer than 10 pages or if the document’s primary purpose is to be printed, with formatting preserved, for distribution.