Social Media

Writing for social media requires an understanding of both the platforms and what the audience expects from them. There are a variety of ways to engage the public through social media, including posts, campaigns, chats, and more.

Social media is an effective way to expand reach, foster engagement, and increase access to ACF messages. But flooding the web with unfocused accounts without defined and unique communication goals dilutes the agency brand and messaging. The use of social media should be strategic. These platforms evolve rapidly so their use should be tailored to your program office’s needs, its business strategy and its overall communications strategy.

The Office of Communications (Comms) manages and oversees all social media channels. Comms manages centralized accounts on:

To add your office’s content to any of those platforms, work with your digital liaison.

The ACF Social Media Policy is available in the Resource Library.

Requesting Accounts

Accounts that are created for individual program offices are still subject to review by Comms. Read more about the responsibilities of having a social media account for your office.

Twitter Chats

Hosting a Twitter chat is a great way to get conversation moving around a program or initiative.

How to Write a Good Post

When writing for social media, you want to keep your audience engaged by writing content that is compelling, easily understandable, and not too lengthy.

Tips for Social Media Campaigns

If you’re planning to do a campaign on social media, there are a lot of things to consider. Here are some brief tips to get you started.

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