Tips for Social Media Campaigns

If you’re planning to do a campaign on social media, there are a lot of things to consider. Here are some brief tips to get you started.

ACF also has an internal standard operating procedure for getting any social media campaign approved and cleared Visit disclaimer page .

Creating Good Content

All the rules for writing a good post still apply.

Working With Partners

If you’re planning on involving other people in your campaign – either partners, or members of the public – there are additional things to consider.

Distinguish between content that should be amplified, and generic content that can come from anywhere.


Content that is clearly attributed to one source, but another account can elevate by retweeting or adding comment to through a quote. This is good when a resource or message clearly belongs to one entity.


  • A clear schedule of when these will occur, so other parties can push themin a timely manner

Generic Content

Content that is sufficiently generic that it makes sense coming from any account.


  • Template tweets with appropriate links, hashtags, and assets (images)

Creating a Toolkit

Creating a social media toolkit for a campaign can be helpful when asking other people to participate in the campaign. These work better when mostly using generic content.

Also make sure:

  • The schedule for sharing content is clear
  • Images are in social-media ready size and resolution, and are provided as attachments
  • You have thoroughly vetted any hashtags or handles to make sure they’re accurate

Measuring Success

Don’t forget about the aftermath – how are you going to know if you succeeded? If your content will be shared by partners, it's not always easy to tell how the campaign as a whole did.

Figure out what you’re going to be tracking in advance, and how everyone will be sharing and compiling the data.

Some suggestions:

  • Quantity of tweets and platforms
  • Engagement rates for Facebook/twitter
  • Page views from campaign links
  • Activity of the hashtag