Events and Eventbrite

How To Create Events

Events should be created using the “Event” content type in Drupal. This content type has a title, a time and place, a short description, and a larger area for body text. It will also let you connect an Eventbrite Visit disclaimer page event.

Want to learn more about how to write a good event? Visit the Content section.

Creating an Event in Eventbrite

As of October 2016 we’re offering the ability to link an Eventbrite event to your event on the ACF website.

ACF maintains a single Eventbrite account. If you want to have your event listed on Eventbrite, you can request that Digital Communications set it up for you.

Once the event is created, your point of contact can be added as an administrator, and you can manage the event directly.

Adding Eventbrite to your Event

You can add the Eventbrite listing to your event in three forms.

  • Ticket Form Widget – places a ticket purchase form on the page
  • Countdown Widget – puts a countdown and a ticket button in the right sidebar.
  • Register Now Button Widget – puts a button that says “Register Now” on the page

You can see how each appears on our test event.

To add any or all of these, you need to input the Eventbrite event ID.

Eventbrite has instructions on how to find your event ID Visit disclaimer page .

Then you can select the widget or widgets you want to appear on your page.