Using Drupal

Using Drupal to Create and Manage Content

Graphic showing the content lifecycle: Create, Approve, Distribute, Archive Having a nice-looking website with sharp design and warm, fuzzy images isn't enough to deliver positive customer experiences. We must manage content from start to finish to ensure our website provides information that is credible and usable, well structured, and easily found promoting positive customer experiences on the ACF website. Drupal helps us create and manage structured content so it can be searched, found, used, and reused in ways that satisfy our customers.

This section of the Digital Toolbox provides demos, tips and other quick references to help you create and manage your program office web content.

ACF Website Styles

This demonstrates the standard styles for the ACF website.

Archiving Drupal Content

This page outlines the process to move published Drupal content from the ACF website into the ACF Archive. You must be logged into Drupal to archive content.

Drupal User Guides

These user guides how to use the content types in the Drupal content management system.

Menus and Architecture

Coherent and consistent information architecture is crucial to a good website. This is how menus work on the ACF website.

Submitting a Help & Support Ticket

Only submit a help & support ticket if you experience a technical bug for site display/functionality.  Content issues (i.e. broken links), access requests, or site menu updates should be handled outside the Help & Support system.  Please contact for site navigation changes or access requests.


Consistent ACF-wide taxonomy allows more efficient content management, sharing, site enhancements and analysis.  It also enables customer-facing features like improved search and filtering. We also use taxonomy  to drive elements of the website’s front-end display, or UI design.

WYSIWYG Text Editor

Drupal’s powerful what-you-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) HTML text editor has formatting features you are familiar with in word processing or email applications to improve your web editing efficiency. CKEditor is the formal name of Drupal’s feature-packed text editor.