Using Multimedia to Enhance Your Digital Presence

Multimedia uses a combination of different content like text, audio, images, animations, video and interactive content to entertain, inform, and drive engagement.  Like all federal information, multimedia must be 508 compliant, or accessible to people with disabilities, so all customers can benefit from the content.  

Research shows that people don't read through web content.  They skim and scan web pages looking for something that catches their attention or matches the question or need they have.  If they find it, they dig deeper and read more carefully.

Multimedia grabs attention.  Our customers are much more likely to engage with and share our content if it contain images, graphics, audio clips or videos that add value. Aside from enjoying increased engagement and content shares, here are three more reasons to consider a more media-rich approach to digital content: 

  • Increases Time on Site: multimedia helps break up dense text and results in more time spent on a web page or site
  • Optimizes On-Page SEO: When crawling content, search engines stop at images, looking for keywords and key phrases that can increase ranking in search results. Search engines tend to notice multimedia more, so it has greater impact on how "findable" your content is.
  • Better Branding: Adding multimedia to your website can help increases traffic, boosts engagement and helps build awareness