Digital Liaisons: Roles & Responsibilities

Publication Date: February 6, 2017

OC relies on digital liaisons, also referred to as content managers, from each program office to coordinate, craft, edit, and vet digital content for their respective programs. Digital liaisons are most effective when they routinely coordinate and post content with web standards and best practices Visit disclaimer page in mind.

Program Offices

Each program office must identify at least two digital liaisons (one of whom must be a federal employee) to review and update web content (news items, success stories, carousel slides, resources, etc.). Content managers also coordinate web content reviews, ensure their respective program offices’ content uses plain language, and is accessible to people with disabilities. Program offices may request additional posting rights as needed to the Comms digital team. Program content managers must notify Comms when web authors/editors change within two weeks of departure or shift in web responsibilities.

Regional Offices

Regional offices follow the direction of the Office of Regional Operations located in Central Office. Each region should have at least one content manager designated by the Regional Administrator to manage regional content.

Digital Liaison Requirements:

  • coordinate within your office/region to develop and post digital content
  • review and apply HHS web standards Visit disclaimer page and the ACF editorial style guide to all digital content
  • review and refresh landing pages and “news” items (where applicable) at least twice a month, where applicable
  • update carousel items or slides at least twice a month using high quality images or videos
  • where applicable, share and update ACF events with dates, times, descriptions, and registration information
  • conduct monthly site reviews for quality assurance fixing broken links, typos, misspellings etc.
  • be aware of Section 508 accessibility requirements and ensure all web content and digital information is 508 compliant before posting
  • conduct Accenture issue management to ensure 508 compliance scores are at 90% or higher
  • share web training and best practices for plain language and Section 508 compliance with content authors
  • manage resource library content, where applicable
  • coordinate annual and ongoing content reviews and archive, as needed, to make sure content is current and relevant
  • attend and participate in digital liaison meetings
  • submit requests to OC for new content management systems (CMS) user accounts and notify OC of accounts that should be removed from the CMS

Posting Rights

  • CMS Posting rights are issued to individuals and should not be shared for any purpose.
  • Any posting activity that violates  ACF/federal policy, security, or legal requirements or any other activity that has a negative impact on the operation of ACF's websites will be dealt with promptly by the Office of Communications, and, as appropriate, the OCIO, in consultation with the program office senior management. This may include required training, temporary suspension of posting rights, or permanent suspension of posting rights.
  • All digital liaisons are expected to know and abide by the policies and procedures for ACF websites.
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