ACF Site Users & Permissions

To maintain site integrity, the Office of Communications (OC) manages what users can access on the ACF website. Drupal allows us to set up different kinds of users and roles. Members of the public who visit the site are “anonymous” users, because they can’t log in. “Authenticated” users, those who can log in to the site to manage content, are also assigned a role. Each role is different in the content it can access and the actions it can take.

OC and its development team serve as OC Editors, OC Authors, or Administrators. We have overall authority of the website, including account management for other users, access to edit and publish all content, and advanced site configuration options.

Program office users can be assigned one of four roles:

  • Office Author - can create and edit content which must then be submitted to an Office Editor or OC Site Administrator for approval and publishing through moderation workflow.
  • Office/ACF Editor- has general access to content and configurations, restricted from managing global content, like the Header and Footer, or from making advanced configurations. Editors can publish certain types of content and has access to site reports and feedback when logged in.
  • Office Homepage Editor - has limited access to manage/edit site homepages.
  • Office Viewer - can only preview draft content when logged in. Viewers cannot create or publish content.

Learn about the level of access for each user role and content type in the Drupal Content Type Permissions Matrix.