The visual style guide helps content creators design consistent, engaging content that meets accessibility standards and promotes a positive, unified image of the organization.

ACF’s look and feel has a welcoming, professional and reliable tone. It feels like an official U.S. government entity, but not overly institutional.

This is accomplished through the use of a welcoming, calming color palette and high-quality, human-centered imagery that connects the reader to the people impacted by the work of ACF and the programs it supports.

Color Palette

Using the ACF color palette ensures a consistent visual language across products.


Imagery is very important to the ACF brand. Read more about image specifications and sources for stock photography.


Infographics use visuals and text to help explain an issue or idea. Well-constructed infographics should be easy to share on social media.


The ACF logo represents the agency’s brand, and links communications across the various programs.

Typography and Fonts

Find out how you can use typography to communicate your message clearly and simply.