Logos and Branding

The ACF logo represents the agency’s brand, and links communications across the various programs. It shows a child held in protective arms — a symbol of ACF’s mission to promote safe and economically secure children, families, and communities. The symbol is the ampersand in “Administration for Children and Families,” but it can also stand on its own.

ACF Logo Usage

This guidance also applies to variations of the ACF logo used to represent individual program offices.

  • The logo is for official agency business only
  • Do not alter the symbol in any way. Always place it with the baby on the right.
  • The logo must not appear less than ¼” in height
  • The official colors are ACF Dark Blue or Black. On dark backgrounds, a white logo may be used. Multicolor reproductions of the logo are not permitted
  • The ACF logo should appear to the left of program logos
    • When used with the HHS logo, the HHS logo will appear to the left, followed by the ACF logo, then program/office logo

Approved uses of the logo:

  • Digital and printing purposes (pamphlets, posters, pdfs, infographics, official ACF website, etc.)
  • Exhibits and other public affairs-related materials
  • On ACF business cards

The logo cannot be used:

Co-branding with non-Federal Organizations

To avoid unintentionally suggesting that the Federal Government endorses a non-Federal organization and/or all of their activities, non-Federal logos should not appear alongside Federal logos. This is prohibited according to Section 13 of the Government Printing and Binding regulations, published by the Joint Committee on Printing, Congress of the United States:

"No Government publication or other Government printed matter, prepared or produced with either appropriated or nonappropriated funds or identified with an activity of the Government, shall contain any advertisement inserted by or for any private individual, firm, or corporation; or contain material which implies in any manner that the Government endorses or favors any specific commercial product, commodity, or service."

“Non-Federal” includes grantees, vendors and contractors.


Exceptions to this policy require one of the following:

  • an MOU or other OGC-approved official documentation between participants, or;
  • a detailed justification including the proposed concept, the purpose of the collaboration, and how it advances the HHS/ACF mission and adds value to the organization — this must be signed by a senior level official.

The official documentation and co-branded materials must be cleared through ASPA before publishing, which will take additional time. See the Office of Communications Standard Operating Procedures Visit disclaimer page for information on OC clearance processes.

Download Logos

ACF Logos

The ACF logo files are available in PNG, JPG, and EPS formats in blue, black, and white (reversed). Confused about file formats? For more on which format is best for your project, please see The Two Types of Digital Files: Vector and Raster.

Office Logos

Follow the guidelines for ACF logo usage. Use logos that include the office name beneath the ACF logo in place of the standalone ACF logo.

Offices with discrete logos (such as OHS, CB, etc.) should include the ACF logo and the office logo — office logos should not appear alone on external ACF products.

Region Logos 


Requesting New Logos

Due to administration and ACF leadership changes, Comms is not currently accepting new program logos or branding strategies until further notice.