Dr. Deborah Bergeron

Director, Office of Early Childhood Development (ECD) | Office of Head Start (OHS)

Dr. Deborah Bergeron was the director of the Office of Early Childhood Development (ECD) and also represented the Office of Head Start  (OHS) as its director. Known as "Dr. B" to former students and teachers, she has spent three decades in pre-K–12 public education as a classroom teacher and school administrator.

Since joining OHS in April 2018, Dr. B has used her experience as an elementary principal and her strong background in pre-K–12 instructional leadership to provide unique insights into how Head Start programs can support our most vulnerable children in becoming school ready. She has focused her energy on improving the relationship between Head Start programs and the public school system. Dr. B continues to work at both the national level and with education influencers at the state and local levels to affect change.

In January 2019, Dr. Bergeron was asked to broaden her leadership to include the Office of Early Childhood Development (ECD) in the Administration for Children and Families. Her vision for ECD, in conjunction with the work for OHS, is to transform how the nation prioritizes early childhood programming and to create a more collaborative, cohesive environment for children, families, and staff.

Dr. Bergeron holds a bachelor’s degree from Texas State University. She earned a master’s in education leadership and doctorate in education policy from George Mason University