Radical Family Engagement Event

Radical Family Engagement; A Journey Like No Other

In October, 2020, ACF’s Office of Early Childhood Development (ECD) is hosted a series of conversations with key cross-sector partners to bring new insights for how RADICAL family engagement could change the landscape of education and early childhood systems, starting in the early years. ECD has compiled a summary of the event in The Radical Family Engagement Journey Map, which is available to view and download here.

Overview: Radical family engagement has yet to be fully realized or embraced by K-12 and other systems serving children and families. We are at critical moment to bring public and private stakeholders together, with parents at the center, to learn, re-think, shift the current philosophy, and co-create a more meaningful system that is grounded in equity and radical family engagement.

Purpose: To prioritize Radical Family Engagement through shared learning to deepen our understanding about what is needed to authentically engage parents and cross-sector partners to ensure successful transitions for children from early childhood programs to K-12.

Events: You can watch a brief video recap of the week on YouTube Visit disclaimer page . To learn more about the speakers participating in the events, download the Bio Book.

Day 1: What do Parents Need and What Can They Do?

Day 2: What Do Schools Need and What Can They Do?

Day 3: What Does Government Need and What Can They Do?

Day 4: What Do Organizations Need and What Can They Do?

Day 5: What Actions Can We Take Together?


Result: ECD, our partners, and participants came together to collaborate on collective action!

Throughout the week, ECD leadership asked participants and presenters to identify action steps they could take to advance radical family engagement activities for shared impact in the future. Some participants shared examples of actions they could take immediately. For example, an educator shared the following: “I will send out a note to parents to tell us their desires for their child and have it returned. Then share with staff." Similarly, ECD and our partners shared a series of actions that were developed throughout the week. Some of these actions are immediate—like sharing resources and supporting a ParentCamp—and some are big ideas that will advance radical family engagement—like a launching a new collaboration between ECD, the Office of Head Start, AASA, NAESP, and ParentCamp to develop a cohort of schools focused on identifying and utilizing family engagement processes that are effective and radical. You can watch a brief video recap of the week on YouTube Visit disclaimer page .

For a summary of the events, see ECD's Radical Family Engagement Journey Map, which will be used as a living document to share the key insights from the event. View the Radical Family Engagement Journey Map here.

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