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This document will will provide information on the Office of Special Needs Assistance Program connection to Early Care and Education, the value of early care and education, early childhood partners and what they do.

This chart illustrates the similarities and differences between federal agencies’ definitions of homeless.

A guide to support the safe and healthy development of young children in shelter settings. In this tool, you will find recommendations and information on how your shelter environment, programming, policies, and staff can support early childhood safety and development of children experiencing homelessness.

This policy brief summarizes selected literature on homeless families with children who are less than five years old, and incorporates findings from a project prepared for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Administration for Children and Families (ACF) on the challenges facing families with young children who are temporarily staying with others or in motels/hotels. The aim of this policy brief is to examine the following questions from the project: What are families’ current living arrangements, and do they have alternative plans for shelter if they cannot stay at their current temporary location and are unable to receive the services of a shelter? What conditions are homeless families and children exposed to when they cannot or do not access the services of a shelter? To what extent are families knowledgeable about the federally sponsored early childhood support services available to them?