Tribal Home Visiting Report to Congress

The report describes implementation of the Tribal Home Visiting Program with details regarding:  

  • The approach of the Tribal Home Visiting Program, including the technical assistance and supports provided to grantees
  • The grantee, family, and community contexts that have influenced program implementation and evaluation in American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) settings
  • The expanded reach and availability of home visiting services in tribal communities as a function of the program
  • The extent to which grantees demonstrated quantifiable, measureable improvements in each of the six “benchmark” areas specified in the legislation
  • Findings about the successes of grantees, lessons learned for other programs working with AIAN communities, and recommendations to strengthen the Tribal Home Visiting program and build on the solid foundation already established

Read full Tribal Home Visiting Report to Congress and Tribal Home Visiting Report to Congress Executive Summary.

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Last Reviewed: June 17, 2016