APP Research and Evaluation Resources

Background. ACF’s Family and Youth Services Bureau and the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation (OPRE) partner to support program evaluation efforts of the APP grantees. Since the start of the APP program, we have worked with grantees to integrate research into their programming, in order to learn, improve and advance the field of teen pregnancy prevention.  This partnership manages several performance and evaluation projects which document how APP programs are implemented and who is served, assess program effectiveness, and foster program innovation. Additionally, these projects translate research findings to promote continuous improvement of APP programming on the ground, and to inform the public and other stakeholders about APP accomplishments.  Training and technical assistance resources are also available to grantees to support the development and implementation of independent evaluations of their programs.

For more information on FYSB and OPRE projects go to APP Research Projects.

Research and evaluation resources:

How to Design an Evaluation or Select an Evaluator

Do you want to design an evaluation; or, do you need to identify someone who can design and conduct an evaluation for you? This page provides resources for organizations as they develop research plans to evaluate adolescent pregnancy prevention programs. 

How APP Programs Are Designed and Implemented

Through ongoing research, we are learning more about how APP programs are designed and implemented. 

Who Is Served by APP Programming

Through ongoing performance tracking, we are learning more about who is served by APP programs

Research and Development Efforts to Develop Innovative New Programs

The APP program is constantly seeking ways to better serve youth.

APP Innovation and Program Impacts

By weaving rigorous evaluation into many APP-funded programs, we are continuing to learn about the impacts of our programming and to feed learning back to the field.

APP Research Projects

APP accomplishes its learning through a comprehensive portfolio of research projects.

APP Research and Evaluation Reports

APP has published and disseminated a number of research and evaluation reports, briefs, and fact sheets. These products are organized by the research projects and programs under which they were developed.