Performance Measurement and Adulthood Preparation Subjects Project

Diverse young people walking in the parkThe Performance Measurement and Adulthood Preparation Subjects Project (PMAPS) project is enhancing performance measurement and developing conceptual models for understanding Adult Preparation Subjects.

The first component of the project focuses on performance management. PMAPS will reconsider the universe of performance measures in order to enhance measures and reporting systems where appropriate. The project will also develop a user-friendly web-based dashboard of program performance. PMAPS will support PREP-funded programs in reporting their performance data. The project will also analyze and report PREP grantee performance outcomes to determine whether PREP grantees (and the programs overall) are meeting performance benchmarks related to the program’s mission and priorities, as well as provide information to grantees on their own performance. Information related to program design and implementation may be found under Program Design and Implementation, and information related to program populations may be found under Youth Served by PREP Programming.

The second component will focus on the Adult Preparation Subjects (APSs), a unique feature of PREP legislation.[1] PMAPS will describe whether and how the addition of specific APS programming to core PREP instruction enhances the outcomes for youth participating in PREP programs and/or expands the outcomes affected. To describe this, the project will create:

  • six conceptual models – one for each APS – which pictorially depict the theory/mechanism(s) of change when an APS program is added to a PREP program, and which operationalize how PREP grantees seeking to integrate an APS could do so; and,
  • one unifying conceptual framework which, in a general way, pictorially depicts overarching theory/mechanism(s) of change when any of the six APSs is added to a PREP program

Information on these conceptual models may be found under PREP Research and Development.

[1] PREP programs must educate youth on three of six adulthood preparation subjects:

(i) Healthy relationships, Including, marriage and family interactions

(ii) Adolescent development, such as the development of healthy attitudes and values about adolescent growth and development, body image, racial and ethnic diversity, and other related subjects

(iii) Financial literacy

(iv) Parent-child communication

(v) Educational and career success, such as developing skills for employment preparation, job seeking, independent living, financial self-sufficiency, and workplace productivity

(vi) Healthy life skills, such as goal-setting, decision making, negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills, and stress management


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