Studies of Performance Measures and Adult Preparation Subjects

Publication Date: August 1, 2016


We are happy to announce an exciting new PREP evaluation contract! The Studies of Performance Measures and Adult Preparation Subjects (PMAPS) contract has been awarded to Mathematica Policy Research. The contract includes 2 components, the Performance Measures (PM) study and the Adult Preparation Subjects (APS) study. Under the PM study, Mathematica will continue to provide support to PREP State, Tribal, and Competitive grantees and, starting this fall, to new PREIS grantees for performance measures data collection and reporting. In addition, Mathematica will develop, implement, and provide technical support for a new Performance Measures Dashboard that will streamline the data analysis and reporting process to provide more “real time” data to grantees and federal program staff for program monitoring and improvement.

The Adult Preparation Subjects (APS) study focuses on a review of PREP grantees’ APS programming to better understand the underlying theory/mechanism of change when an APS is incorporated into a PREP program. In some cases, grantees are meeting the PREP requirement of incorporating APS in programs by choosing programs that already integrate APS into the program. In other cases, grantees are adding APS modules or lessons to programs. Mathematica will conduct a literature review, before consulting with experts, to operationalize each of the APS, as well as develop guidance for grantees seeking to integrate an APS into their program. Six conceptual models - one for each APS – and one unifying conceptual framework will depict overarching theories/mechanism(s) of change when any one of the six APS is incorporated into a PREP program.

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