Podcast from the 100-Day Challenge to End Youth Homelessness

Publication Date: September 28, 2016

In this podcast, two members of the National Youth Forum on Homelessness discuss progress made since the early-September launch of The 100-Day Challenge to End Youth Homelessness. Terrance Walker and Phoebe VanCleefe share their reflections on the launch event and strategies for including youth in the solutions in the three participating cities: Austin, Cleveland and Los Angeles. The podcast, produced by A Way Home America, is the first in a series covering the initiative. The challenge was designed to generate urgency and catalyze communities and cross-sector partners to establish bold, creative, and innovative ways to help homeless youth find stable housing.

ACF supports this plan by working with the Children’s Bureau and other agencies to prevent homelessness and by helping vulnerable youth experiencing homelessness through its Basic Center, Transitional Living, and Street Outreach programs.

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