NHSIA Business Viewpoint


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The Business Viewpoint describes the future envisioned (the “To-Be State”)
The Business Viewpoint defines ~ 50 detailed capabilities, grouped into these 8 high-level categories:

  • Nationwide Access to Systems and Data
  • Electronic Workflow
  • Multi-Program Eligibility Determination
  • Integrated Service Management
  • Convenient Access for Clients
  • Proactive Client Communications
  • Automated Monitoring and Reporting
  • Info-Based Performance Management

Business Viewpoint Supporting Documentation

Business Viewpoint Description (PDF)
Processes Mapped To Human Service Domains (XLSX)
Client Management Business Processes (XLSX)
Eligibility And Enrollment Business Processes (XLSX)
Provider Management Business Processes (XLSX)
Service Management Business Processes (XLSX)
Business Scenarios and Vignettes (PDF)

Business Viewpoint Webinar

Capability and Business Viewpoints Recording Visit disclaimer page
Capability and Business Viewpoints Slide Show (PDF)
Capability and Business Viewpoints Webinar Transcript (PDF)