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NHSIA helps human services organizations evolve from the status quo over time to a Service Oriented Enterprise with interoperability between and among siloed systems from a federal, state, and local level through an architecture created out of a number of architecture frameworks, namely the Medicaid and Medicare Information Technology Architecture.

Overview Viewpoint Supporting Documentation

Overview Viewpoint Description (PDF)
As-Is Analysis Report (PDF)
As-Is Analysis Report Appendix (XLSX)
Client and Case Management in NHSIA (PDF)
Electronic Health Records in NHSIA (PDF)
Eligibility White Paper (PDF)
Master Person Index Services (PDF)
Performance Information Repositories (PDF)
Business Rules White Paper (PDF)
NHSIA Security (PDF)

Overview Viewpoint Webinar

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Overview Viewpoint Transcript (PDF)

Key Concepts Webinar

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Key Concepts Webinar Transcript (PDF)