FY 1998 CCDF Data Tables

FY 1998 CCDF Data Tables

Publication Date: July 1, 1998

List of Tables

  • Table 1: Average Monthly Adjusted Number of Families and Children Served
  • Table 2: Percent of Children Served by Payment Method
  • Table 3: Percent of Children Served by Types of Care
  • Table 4: Average Monthly Percentages of Children Served in Regulated Settings vs. Settings Legally Operating Without Regulation
  • Table 5: Of Children in Settings Legally Operating Without Regulation, Average Monthly Percent Served by Relatives vs. Non-Relatives
  • Table 6: Average Monthly Percentages of Children Served in All Types of Care
  • Table 7: Number of Child Care Providers Receiving CCDF Funds
  • Table 8: Consumer Education Strategies Summary
  • Table 9: Reasons for Receiving Care, Average Monthly Percentage of Families
  • Table 10: Monthly Average Percent of Children In Care By Age Group

General Notes

All data in this report is provided by States and Territories on the ACF-800 (aggregate) and the ACF-801 (case-level) reports. Some adjustments have been made in the data to reflect those served by CCDF subsidy funds only. Many States provide additional child care services with non-CCDF funds. CCDF funds include Discretionary (including transferred TANF funds), Mandatory, Federal Match, State Match, and Maintenance of Effort funds.

Data has been updated to include revised FY 1998 data submitted by States from October 1999- October 2000.

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