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Can homeless children receive CCDF if they don’t have immunizations or documentation?



Yes, as part of their health and safety requirements, the law requires States to establish a grace period that allows homeless children and children in foster care to receive CCDF assistance while their families are taking the necessary actions to comply with immunization and other health and safety requirements.  This flexibility will make it significantly easier for these vulnerable families to access child care services.  Due to the importance of immunizations in protecting children’s health, ACF strongly encourages States to implement systemic supports to ensure children get immunized, including homeless and foster children under this provision.  ACF anticipates providing additional guidance in this area.

This new statutory language is consistent with current requirements established through CCDF regulations published in 1998, which required States to establish a grace period in which children can receive services while families are taking the necessary actions to comply with the immunization requirements.  The law specifies that this is a requirement for homeless and foster children, but per the 1998 regulation, States should have this in place for other families as well.

(Reference: Section 658E(c)(2)(I)(i)(I))