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What information must States make available on the consumer education website?



States must post the following information on a consumer-friendly and easily accessible website:

  • Provider-specific information must include: 1) results of monitoring and inspection reports, including those due to major substantiated complaints; 2) last date of inspection; and 3) information on corrective actions taken (if applicable). 
  • Aggregate information on child care in the State must include: 1) the annual number of deaths; 2) the annual number of serious injuries; and 3) the annual number of incidences of substantiated child abuse.
  • Information about State processes including: 1) the process for licensing child care providers; 2) the process for conducting background checks and the offenses that would keep a provider from being allowed to care for children; and 3) the process for conducting monitoring and inspections of child care providers.

In addition to the required components, ACF strongly encourages States to post other consumer education information on this website, including provider-specific information about the quality of care available to parents, such as through a quality rating and improvement system (QRIS).

(Reference: Section 658E(c)(2)(D) and 658E(c)(2)(E)(i)(III))