Overview of Reporting Requirements for Tribes

Publication Date: September 18, 2012


Tribal Application

Tribal Plan

Financial Report

Tribal Annual Report

Form number

N/A -- OCC issues annual Program Instruction





To apply for fiscal year CCDF Tribal Mandatory and Discretionary Funds. NOTE: Tribe must have an approved Plan Preprint.

Serves as the agreement between the Lead Agency and the Federal Government as to how CCDF programs will be administered in conformance with legislative requirements, pertinent federal regulations, and other instructions and guidelines issued by ACF.

Reports expenditures for the Tribal Mandatory, Discretionary and Construction/Renovation funds.

Provides annual counts of children and families served through CCDF; average hours of service, monthly subsidy, and co-payments per child; and the number of children served by age and income. The Supplemental Narrative requires additional detail about various aspects of the program.



Triennial (every three years)



Timeframe Covered

Federal fiscal year

(Oct 1 -- Sept 30)

Three -year plan period (e.g., Oct 1, 2016—Sept 30, 2019)

Federal fiscal year

(Oct 1 -- Sept 30)

Federal fiscal year
(Oct 1 -- Sep 30)

Due when

July 1st

The July 1st prior to the new plan period (due every three years)

90 days after end of fiscal year

Dec 31

Submission method

Email attachment (to ACF Regional Office)

E-mail attachment (to ACF Regional Office)

Online Data Collection System Visit disclaimer page

Both the ACF-700 data report and the associated Supplemental Narrative are submitted using  the web-based data submission site Visit disclaimer page .

Grantees that have NO internet access may send a hard copy of the reports to their OCC Regional Office with a copy to NCDR.

Technical assistance

OCC Regional Office

OCC Regional Office

OCC Regional Office


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