Office of Child Care Guide to Child Care and Development Fund Resources

CCDF Funding Resources

CCDF State and Territory Allocation Tables

These tables show the annual CCDF allocation for each State and Territory.

Federal Child Care and Related Appropriations Summary

This summary outlines funding for programs that provide or support early care and education.

ACF Budget Information

The ACF budget page includes information about the President’s Budget request and ACF’s operating budget based on funding Congress provided by program.

CCDF State and Territory Plan Resources

Approved CCDF Plans (FFY 2016-2018)

PDF copies of all approved FY 2016-2018 CCDF Plans that became effective June 1, 2016. The posted CCDF Plans reflect the services and activities as reported by all 56 Lead Agencies in their CCDF Plans for Fiscal Years 2016-2018. The CCDF Plans offer a snapshot into current and planned efforts, initiatives and implementation plans for each State/Territory through September 30, 2018.

CCDF Plan Overview

The CCDF Plan serves as the application for the CCDF funds by providing a description of, and assurance about, the grantee’s child care program and all services available to eligible families. This page includes information about the plans and the most recent CCDF Plan Preprint. It will be updated when new plan information is available.

Market Rate Survey and Alternative Methodology Program Instruction

This Program Instruction clarifies timelines and requirements for State and Territorial CCDF Lead Agencies to develop and conduct market rate surveys or alternative methodologies for the purpose of setting provider payment rates pursuant to CCDF requirements.

Data and Reporting Resources

CCDF State, Territory, and Tribal Reporting

CCDF grantees are required to submit a variety of reports to ACF. These reports are used to determine compliance with spending requirements, count how many children are being served, measure improper payments, and see what grantees have planned for the program over the next three years. This page includes reporting guidelines and copies of the reports for all required CCDF reports.

CCDF Administrative Data Tables

These tables provide administrative information about the CCDF program. The tables include data submitted by States and Territories on the ACF 800- Annual Aggregate Child Care Data Report and the ACF 801- Monthly Child Care Data Report.

CCDF Expenditure Data Tables

These tables show annual state-by-state CCDF expenditures. The tables aggregate data submitted by States and Territories on the ACF 696 Expenditure Report.

Resources for Implementing CCDF Reauthorization

CCDF Reauthorization Resource Page

This page includes resources to help CCDF Lead Agencies implement the reforms included in the reauthorization of the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Act in 2014. Reauthorization made important changes that focused on reforming child care in this country to better support the success of both parents and children.

CCDF Final Rule FAQs

This page provides responses to frequently asked questions about the CCDF final rule published on September 30, 2016.

Background Check Extension Program Instruction

This Program Instruction outlines the steps a state or territory needs to take in order to request an extension on their implementation of the background check requirements. The reauthorized CCDBG Act added requirements for comprehensive criminal background checks, which must be implemented by September 30, 2017. However, the HHS Secretary may grant an extension of up to one fiscal year to meet the background check requirements, as long as the state or Territory demonstrates a good faith effort to comply.

Resources Related to Child Care Research

Child Care and Early Education Research Connections

Child Care and Early Education “Research Connections” promotes high quality research in child care and early education and the use of that research in policy making. Through this website, Research Connections offers research and data resources for researchers, policy makers, practitioners, and others.

Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) Compendium

The QRIS Online Compendium ( is a catalog and comparison of Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) to promote thoughtful design, analysis and ongoing improvement in early care and education systems building.

CCDF Policies Database

The CCDF Policies Database is a comprehensive, up-to-date database of child care subsidy policies for the 56 CCDF State and Territory grantees. The policies captured in the database are collected primarily from the states’ caseworker policy manuals and include families’ initial and ongoing eligibility and application requirements, copayment information, provider policies, reimbursement rates, and several other categories of information.

Training and Technical Assistance Resources

Early Childhood Training and Technical Assistance System Page

The Early Childhood Training and Technical Assistance System (ECTTAS) brings together resources from the Office of Child Care, the Office of Head Start, and their health partners to offer CCDF Administrators and their stakeholders information, tools, training, and other supports.

Fundamentals of CCDF Administration

The Fundamentals of CCDF Administration page is a comprehensive, interactive resource for state/territory and tribal administrators. This page will be updated when new resources are available.

Child Care Data Explorer and State Profiles

The Child Care Data Explorer and State Profiles can be used to search for data on various early care and education topics, including demographic information, program participation and funding, professional development and workforce initiatives.

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Last Reviewed: May 31, 2018