Aligning CCDF and EHS Eligibility

Publication Date: October 19, 2016

The CCDBG Act of 2014 established a minimum 12-month eligibility period for subsidy, regardless of a temporary change in parents’ status as working or attending job training or education, if family income does not exceed 85% of SMI. In addition, existing Federal CCDF policy guidance allows states to align subsidy eligibility periods for children in Early Head Start (see Policy Interpretation Question on Eligibility Determination for Head Start Collaboration, ACYF-PIQ-CC-99-02). Several states now allow children participating in EHS-CCP to remain authorized for subsidy for the duration of the partnership without redetermining eligibility, a period which may exceed 12 months.

The EHS-CCP IM also encourages coordination within States among EHS-CCP Grantees, the Head Start Collaboration Office, the CCDF State Administrator and other state partners to explore the possibility of other flexible policies for EHS-CCP, which may include allowing automatic CCDBG eligibility for Head Start-eligible families ad establish coordinated referrals for dually eligible children from CCDBG to EHS-CC partnerships

Grantees should also work with their Regional Office and state partners to explore this strategy as a way of promoting the continuity of care for children and families participating in EHS-CCP programs.

States that align subsidy eligibility with the HS-EHS program year streamline their state eligibility guidelines and ensure families and children participating in EHS-CCP avoid service interruptions.

TOTAL STATES: 18 Region 1:CT; VT Region 2: n/a Region 3:DE, MD, PA Region 4:AL, GA, FL Region 5:IL, IN Region 6: AR, LA Region 7:n/a, Region 8: CO, ND, Region 9: AS, AZ, NV, Region 10:OR. States with pilots underway are not included here.


AlabamaFeatured State: Alabama The state CCDF agency has aligned CCDF and EHS eligibility to better meet family needs and streamline the eligibility process. for children participating in the EHS-CCP program. Alabama’s lead state agency is a direct EHS-CCP Grantee.

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