Delinking Provider Payments and Attendance

Publication Date: October 19, 2016

The CCDBG Act of 2014 requires states to improve provider payment practices and funding stability by delinking provider payments from children’s occasional absences to the extent practicable.

The Partnerships IM also clarifies that enrollment-based provider payments are embedded within the EHS-CCP program model. EHS-CCP Grantees are funded on an enrollment basis by Federal funds. Grantee funding agreements must take into account the historic or actual child care subsidy status of enrolled families to ensure that existing child care funds are not supplanted.

Six states pay is based on enrollment, not attendance: MD, NM, UT, WA, WI, VI. Other states provide full subsidy payment as long as the child’s attendance does not exceed a threshold number of absences. The states below include states that pay based solely on enrollment, as well as those states that set a threshold of absences that may not be exceeded by more than 5 absences a month.

TOTAL STATES: 18 Region 1:CT, MA Region 2: VI Region 3: DC, MD Region 4: GA, KY, NC, SC Region 5: MI, WI Region 6: LA, NM Region 7: IA, MO Region 8: UT Region 9: GU Region 10: WA

MarylandFeatured State: Maryland The state CCDF Agency supports the fixed costs of providing child care services by delinking provider payments from a child's occasional absences. The state reimburses based on enrollment instead of attendance.

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