Layering Funding

Publication Date: October 19, 2016

The CCDBG Act of 2014 encourages states to blend and braid funding in order to support quality improvement efforts. Because subsidy rates alone often fall short of supporting the delivery of high-quality, year-round and full-day infant and toddler programs, the layered funding model is particularly critical to EHS-CCP. EHS-CCP Grantees and child care partners rely on this shared resource base in order to meet the full range of scheduling and service needs children and families may have.

EHS-CCP Grantees funded in FY2014 are required to ensure children supported by subsidy make up at least 25% of their program enrollment. However, given the financial gaps and shortfalls subsidy may cause for child care providers, EHS-CCP Grantees  must leverage and maximize resources by utilizing multiple funding sources to enhance the early care and education capacity of child care partners. The Cost Estimation Tool for EHS-CCP Services Visit disclaimer page is a helpful resource to assist EHS-CCP Grantees in planning how to estimate and meet additional costs through layered funding. It is available online.

In addition, the Head Start Act also strongly encourages coordination and collaboration between Head Start and CCDF in the provision of full working day, full calendar year comprehensive services (see sections 640(g)(1)(D) and (E), 640 (h), 641(d)(2)(H)(v), and 642(e)(3).

TOTAL STATES: 24 Region 1: NH, RI, VT Region 2: n/a Region 3: DE, PA, VA Region 4: AL, FL, GA Region 5: IL, IN, MN, MI Region 6: AR, LA, OK, TX Region 7: KS, MO, NE Region 8: CO, UT Region 9: NV Region 10: ID. States with pilots underway are not included.


OklahomaFeatured State: Oklahoma CCDF and state funds are combined with HS and EHS at the local level to cover base child care costs, allowing HS-EHS funds to support enhanced services. Families eligible for subsidy will receive full weekly rate, including absent days as long as parent is meeting a need factor for some of the EHS care. The state also waives parent copays for families with at least one child enrolled in EHS-CCP.

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