Using the ACF-700 Data Submission Site

Publication Date: September 18, 2012

Internet Submission of the ACF-700 Form

The ACF-700 Reports should be made through the data entry and submission page on the Office of Child Care web site. This page contains a password-protected web-based form that checks the data for compliance with data standards at the time of submission. These built-in edit-checking features make it easier for Tribes to identify and correct errors. Use of the paperless Internet data entry site streamlines submission processing and improves data quality.

If you are unable to enter your user name and password, please contact the National Center on Child Care Data and Reporting (NCDR) toll-free at 1-877-249-9117.

Electronic Submission of the Supplemental Narrative Report

You can submit your Supplemental Narrative Report by attaching an electronic WORD, WordPerfect or Text file to an e-mail sent to NCDR will forward copies of the Supplemental Narrative to the Regional Office and to the OCC Central Office Reports Manager and send you a message confirming that we have done so. If you do not have e-mail, see how to mail your submission.

If you have a problem, please contact NCDR at 1-877-249-9117.

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