Using the ACF-800 Data Submission Site

Publication Date: September 14, 2012

The ACF-800 data must be entered and submitted electronically via the internet at the Office of Child Care's web site. At the login page of the submission site, enter your user name and password and select the reporting period. If you don’t have a username and password, please contact the National Center on Child Care Data and Reporting (NCDR) toll-free at 1-877-249-9117.

Once you have successfully entered the secure site, you must select the appropriate federal fiscal year for the data you would like to enter or view and click the GO button adjacent to “ACF-800 form”. The data-entry form and your State/Territory’s contact information will appear. The online form is designed to resemble the paper version. However, due to its size, the entire form may not be visible on your screen and you may have to scroll horizontally and/or vertically to view all the cells.

Fill out the ACF-800 report form and click the Submit button. All of the cells must be filled. If a required field is left blank, an error will occur. When errors are made in the data, the cells with errors will be bright red (missing data) or yellow (inconsistent data). Click on the red arrows next to the incorrect field to get a description of the error(s). If you do not have any data to enter into a cell, enter zero. Additional information regarding "appropriate" entries for various fields is available in the ACF-800 on-line help. You can also download the printable Word version of the ACF-800 Help Guide.

If you have a problem, please contact NCDR.

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