Waiving Family Co-Pays

Publication Date: October 19, 2016

The CCDBG Act of 2014 continues to require the CCDF Lead Agency to certify in its State Plan that payment rates for CCDF subsidies are sufficient to ensure equal access to child care services that are comparable to parents not eligible for CCDF.  One way that states can support access to child care for low-income families is ensuring that the family co-payment portion is affordable.

States have the option to waive co-pays for families whose income is below the federal poverty level or for specified populations with income below poverty. CCDF allows states the flexibility to determine the criteria for this decision for families below the federal poverty level. Many states now waive parent co-payments for families under poverty who are participating in EHS-CCP.

The states below now waive family co-pays for all families below 100% of the federal poverty threshold who receive CCDF.

TOTAL STATES: 23 Region 1: CT, RI, VT Region 2: NY, VI Region 3: DC, DE, PA, VA Region 4: AL, GA, FL, SC, WV Region 5: n/a Region 6: OK Region 7: n/a Region 8: ND, SD, UT, WY Region 9: AS, HI, PR Region 10:OR. States with pilots underway are not included.


North DakotaFeatured State: North Dakota The state’s CCDF lead agency has an MOU with the state’s EHS-CCP Grantee to reimburse providers at the highest rate, waive family monthly co-pays for eligible families, pay providers the full time rate, continue to determine eligibility for subsidy based on program requirements, and accept a simplified provider billing report.

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