Supplemental Narrative Report

Publication Date: September 18, 2012


The Supplemental Narrative Report (to the ACF 700 Form) requests descriptions of the results of specific CCDF-funded activities available on the Tribal Lead Agency’s (TLA) reservation or Tribal service area.  This information will be included in the CCDF Report to Congress, as appropriate, and will be shared with other TLAs to inform them of CCDF-funded activities in other Tribal programs.  There is no required format for the supplemental narrative report.  TLAs are encouraged to include any related materials to accompany the narrative, including brochures, pamphlets or news articles.

The Supplemental Narrative Report requires all TLAs to describe:

  1. Any efforts to improve the quality of child care (e.g., early learning and literacy activities, which support school readiness).
  2. A description of unmet child care needs, if applicable. For example, a TLA might cite the number of eligible children on a waiting list as of a specific date.  A TLA could also cite the unmet need by providing the number of months child care services are not available due to a lack of funds.  
  3. A description of collaborative activities which promote comprehensive early care and education services, encourage increased quality, business participation, and coordination with State or Tribal agencies responsible for health, education, employment services or workforce development and the State or Tribal agencies responsible for providing Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF).
  4. A description of efforts to improve the quality of data collected about families and children served and the types of care provided.  If a TLA is using the Child Care Data Tracker, a description of the use of the Child Care Data Tracker must be included.
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