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Error Rate Reporting (Improper Payments) (New)

Program Instruction: CCDF-ACF-PI-2007-08
April 29, 2021

This Program Instruction is to inform States and Territories of publication of the CCDF Error Rate Reporting Final Rule amending 45 CFR Part 98 of CCDF regulations to add a new Subpart K — Error Rate Reporting.

Regulations Regarding Use of CCDF Funds for Research and Evaluation (New)

Program Instruction: ACYF-PI-CC-05-02
April 29, 2021

This Program Instruction (PI):

  • Provides clarification about the use of CCDF funds for research and evaluation; and
  • Encourages States, Territories and Tribes to evaluate subsidy policies and quality initiatives as a means to improve program performance, inform policy decisions, and effectively target available child care funds.

The purpose of this document is to provide States and Territories with all the information and resources needed to perform monitoring processes within the Office of Child Care (OCC) Monitoring System. The guide includes background information about the design and structure of the system, instructions for conducting monitoring activities, definitions for key terms and acronyms, and blank and completed examples of monitoring forms. 

2021 Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSA) 60 Day Reports for Tribes

ARPA Supplemental Stabilization and CCDF Discretionary Funding Allocation Tables — Tribes

ARPA Supplemental Stabilization and CCDF Discretionary Funding Allocation Tables — States and Territories

This information memorandum provides an overview and guidance on the supplemental CCDF discretionary funds made available through the CRRSA Act.    

This Program Instruction (PI) transmits the revised state/territory Plan Preprint (ACF-118) for the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) program for the Fiscal Year 2022-2024 triennium and provides guidance for submitting the Plan. This Plan is required by section 658E of the CCDBG Act.

This report:

  1. Describes the Tribal Home Visiting Program, grantees, and family and community contexts that influence implementation of the program;
  2. Highlights the expanded reach and availability of home visiting services in tribal communities as a function of the Tribal Home Visiting Program;
  3. Tells the story of program implementation across funding years, highlighting successes and areas of improvement;
  4. Describes technical assistance and systems of support provided to grantees;
  5. Summarizes grantee performance measurement and grantee performance in legislatively mandated benchmark areas; and
  6. Suggests recommendations for improving program reach, supports, and requirements.