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Information Memorandum CCDF-ACF-IM-2011-06: Policies and Practices that Promote Continuity of Child Care Services and Enhance Subsidy Systems

Program Instruction CCDF-ACF-PI-2008-01: Verification of Citizenship and Immigration Status by Non-Profit Organizations and Head Start Grantees

Information Memorandum ACYF-IM-CC-03-01: Disregard of Monetary Allowances for Certain Children of Vietnam War Veterans

Limited English Proficiency

Program Instruction: ACYF-PI-CC-01-07
November 7, 2001

Program Instruction ACYF-PI-CC-01-07: To provide policy guidance on serving persons with Limited English Proficiency

Program Instruction: ACYF-PI-CC-00-04:Clarifying policy regarding limits on the use of Social Security Numbers under the CCDF and the Privacy Act of 1974.

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Program Instruction: ACYF-PI-CC-98-08: Clarification of Interpretation of "Federal Public Benefit" Regarding CCDF Services

CCDF Indian Children Dual Eligibility

March 4, 1997

Policy Interpretation Question ACYF-PIQ-CC-97-01: CCDF Indian Children Dual Eligibility