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FY 2010-2011 Child Care Development Fund Plan Pre-Print: 2.1.2

Child Care Resources for Disasters and Emergencies

Published: September 11, 2012
Special Initiatives
Emergency & Disaster Preparedness
  2.1.2 Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan for Child Care and Early Childhood Programs. Lead Agencies are encouraged to develop an emergency preparedness and response plan for child care and other early childhood programs operating in the State/Territory. The plan should include provisions for continuity of services and child care assistance payments to families and providers in the event of an emergency or disaster. Indicate which of the following best describes the current status of your efforts in this area. Check only ONE.


[  ] Planning.  Indicate whether steps are under way to develop a plan. If so, describe the time frames for completion and/or implementation, the steps anticipated and how the plan will be coordinated with other emergency planning efforts within the State/Territory.

[  ] Developing.  A plan is being drafted. Include the plan as Attachment 2.1.2, if available.

[  ] Developed. A plan has been written but has not yet been implemented. Include the plan as Attachment 2.1.2, if available.

[  ] Implementing.  A plan has been written and is now in the process of being implemented. The plan is included as Attachment 2.1.2.

[  ] Other (describe):

a) Describe the progress made by the State/Territory in planning for an emergency or disaster event with regards to the operation of child care and early childhood education programs.

b) Describe provisions the Lead Agency has in place for the continuation of core child care functions during and after a disaster or emergency.

c) Describe efforts the Lead Agency has undertaken to provide resources and information to families and child care providers about ways to plan and prepare for an emergency or disaster situation.

d) Describe how the Lead Agency is coordinating with other State/Territory agencies, private, and/or non-profit charitable organizations to ensure that child care and early childhood programs are included in planning, response, and recovery efforts.



Lead Agencies administering the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) program are encouraged to develop emergency preparedness and response plans to address planning, recovery and response efforts specific to child care and other early childhood programs. Child care is an essential human service and critical component in the immediate aftermath of a disaster necessary to protect the safety of children and support the stabilization of families. Additionally, child care services are an important part of community infrastructure necessary to support employment and businesses. Planning and preparation efforts should focus both on continuing services for families in the event of an emergency or disaster, and working with child care providers to rebuild community child care capacity after a major disaster. The Office of Child Care (OCC) is working to support Lead Agencies in their efforts to develop emergency preparedness and response plans through technical assistance and other resources listed below: