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FY 2018 CCDF State Expenditure Data

Published: June 26, 2020
Expenditure Data

CCDF Fiscal Year 2018 State Spending From All Appropriation Years

CCDF Expenditures for FY 2018 (all appropriation years)

CCDF Expenditures Overview for GY 2018 as of 9/30/2018

CCDF Expenditures for GY 2018 as of 9/30/2018

Beginning in FY 2018, OCC began distinguishing between Fiscal Year (FY) and Grant Year (GY). FY refers to the period from October 1 through September 30, during which states and territories may spend funds awarded in the current and prior years. GY refers to the year the funds were awarded, although states and territories may liquidate some CCDF funding streams in later fiscal years.

Last Reviewed: September 15, 2020