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CCDF Reporting Overview for States and Territories

CCDF Reporting Overview for States and Territories

Published: January 1, 2000
Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) Reporting
ACF-118, ACF-403, ACF-404, ACF-405, ACF-696, ACF-800, ACF-801, Reporting, States/Territories
Fact Sheet

This table includes the purpose, reporting frequency, reporting periods, deadlines, submission methods, and Technical Assistance resources for all CCDF data reports.

State/Territorial Plan
Financial Report
Aggregate and Case-Level Reports
Error Rate Reports
Form number
ACF-800 & ACF-801
ACF-403, ACF-404 & ACF-405
Serves as the agreement between the Lead Agency and the Federal Government as to how CCDF programs will be administered in conformance with legislative requirements, pertinent federal regulations, and other instructions and guidelines issued by ACF.
States are required to use the ACF-696 to report estimates and expenditures for the Mandatory Fund, the Matching Fund, and the Discretionary Fund. Territories are required to use the ACF-696 to report estimates and expenditures for the Discretionary Fund only.                       
ACF-800 (Aggregate Data Report): Provides unduplicated annual counts of children and families served through the CCDF; and other information.


ACF-801(Case-Level Data Report): Provides case-level data on the families and children served during the month of the report, and other demographic information. States may submit a sample or all cases.
States, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico are required to measure, calculate, and report improper payments as well as identify strategies for reducing future improper payments.                        
Sampling Decisions Assurances and Fieldwork Preparation Plan (SDAP)
ACF-403: Record Review Worksheet
ACF-404: State Improper Authorizations for Payment Report

ACF-405: Improper Payments Corrective Action Plan                                            

Report frequency



ACF-800: Annual

ACF-801: Monthly or Quarterly (Grantee’s choice)

SDAP ACF-403, ACF-404 are to be completed by one-third of the 52 States each year of a three-year cycle for the review process.

ACF-405 to be completed by those States with an error rate at or exceeding 10%, as applicable

Reporting period(s)

Three-year periods
(e.g. FY2016 – FY2018)

1. Oct 1 – Dec 31

2. Jan 1 – Mar 31

3. Apr 1 – Jun 30

4. Jul 1 – Sep 30

ACF-800: Federal fiscal year
(Oct 1 – Sep 30)

ACF-801: Every month or quarter

Year 1 States: 10/01/15 – 09/30/16
Year 2 States: 10/01/6 – 09/30/17
Year 3 States: 10/01/17 – 09/30/18

(Repeat cycle for subsequent years)

Due when

  • The July 1st prior to the reporting period

  • 30 days after end of quarter

ACF-800: Dec 31 (three months after end of reporting period)

ACF-801: For monthly reporting: 90 days after end of month;

For quarterly reporting: 60 days after end of quarter


SDAP: October 31st following end of reporting period

ACF-403: December 31st following end of reporting period.

ACF-404: June 30th following end of reporting period

ACF-405: 60 days from submission of the State’s improper payment report (ACF-404)

Submission method

ACF-118 E-Submission site at: https://extranet.acf.hhs.gov/stplan/STPLAN_Login.jsp

  • On-Line Data Collection (OLDC) System



  • SDAP and ACF-403: Submitted to the ACF Regional Office via email attachment
  • ACF 404 and ACF-405: submitted through On-Line Data Collection System (OLDC)

Submit to

  • ACF-800: Office of Child Care (via internet)

    ACF-801: Office of Child Care (via secure electronic medium)



Technical assistance


Last Reviewed: June 26, 2017