Grant Activities

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TELI1 grantees made major strides in improving early childhood systems and services in their communities. TELI1 Grantee activities included:

  • Reviewing and agreeing upon common assessment tools to be used by tribal early learning and development programs
  • Creating a single tribal early learning program enrollment form to be used by all programs
  • Investing in a data system to allow for better coordination and sharing of relevant data across early learning and development programs
  • Holding joint professional development opportunities and trainings for staff across the three early learning and development programs
  • Jointly creating a community-based resource directory
  • Collaborating to serve developmentally challenged or disabled young children and their families
  • Conducting joint dental services for children
  • Sharing and maintaining program facilities

TELI2 grantees are currently working together as a peer cohort learning about the Collective Impact (CI) framework and applying CI concepts and approaches to their collaborative work.  Each grantee team is working to develop a plan, which will include a common agenda and specific activities to strengthen the early childhood system within their community.  More information on TELI2 plans and activities will be available here in Fall 2016.

Last Reviewed: March 8, 2016