CED Contact Information: OCS, OGM, and PMS

Federal Contacts

There are three primary federal offices that support CED grants; the Office of Community Services (OCS), the Office of Grants Management (OGM), and Payment Management Services (PMS). Within each office, there is a specific staff program specialist dedicated to help with specific questions about grant awards and or projects.

Below is a general description of each office and why one might need to contact a specific program specialist.

Office of Community Services 

OCS is responsible for programmatic aspects of CED grants, including: issuing funding opportunity announcements; reviewing proposals and award grants; providing day-to-day guidance to grantees; connecting grantees to training and technical assistance; and assisting grantees in maximizing their performance.

OCS Program Specialists can help grantees:

  • Understand program design issues, compliance, and regulatory matters
  • Receive or locate additional technical assistance; such as connecting you to other grantees
  • Accurately report your grant achievements, progress to plan, and data for Congressional reports
  • And More!

Office of Grants Management

OGM is responsible for the fiscal aspects of your grant. OGM sends out the Financial Assistance Award (FAA) letter to your organization, provides guidance on compliance and use of grant funds, and sends out the official grant closeout letter once the grant has ended. They also maintain all of your official grant documents.

OGM Program Specialists can help grantees:

  • Understand how to properly use Federal grant funds
  • Meet the terms and conditions of the grant as well as request changes to a grant project
  • Accurately report on fiscal management (SF 424)
  • And More!

The OGM Grants Management Specialist contact for all CED grants is Marc Hill. He may be reached at (202) 690-5800 and/or Marc.Hill@ACF.hhs.gov.

Payment Management Services

PMS is responsible for overseeing the grant fund disbursement process through the operation of the Payment Management System (PMS). PMS provides tools to manage grant payment requests and disbursement reporting activities, receives the Direct Deposit Form, sets up electronic transfer, and monitors draw down of Federal funds.

PMS Specialists can help grantees:

  • Establish the electronic funds transfer process using the 1199A Form
  • Access grant funds
  • Return unused Federal funds at the end of the grant period
  • File quarterly cash transaction reports

Grantee Contacts

Contact information for active CED grantee organizations can be found on the Active Grantee Locations page.

Last Reviewed: June 20, 2019