CED Gaining Access to GrantSolutions

GrantSolutions is a comprehensive grants management system that provides a venue for OCS and OGM to work with you, the grantee, to manage your award. It facilitates the electronic sharing of information by allowing grantees to collaborate with program offices and grant offices. You will access your CED grant(s) in GrantSolutions at www.grantsolutions.gov Visit disclaimer page .

Accessing GrantSolutions
Upon receipt of a new CED grant, the authorizing official and project contact listed in your original application will receive two auto-generated emails from noreply@grantsolutions.gov with login information for GrantSolutions. The first email contains your username, and the second email contains your password. You will use this information to access your grant in GrantSolutions. If you are a returning CED grantee who already has an existing GrantSolutions account, you will use your existing login credentials to access GrantSolutions for your new grant.

Additional Access to GrantSolutions

Additional or new members of your organization who need access to GrantSolutions, can create an account by completing the Grantee User Account Request Form Visit disclaimer page and emailing it to ocsregistrar@icf.com.

Tips and Tricks for Completing the Grantee User Account Request Form

  • Complete a separate form for each staff member involved in your grant.
  • Include only your active CED Grant Award Numbers where requested.
    • Your grant number is 90EE followed by a four-digit number.
  • The Authorizing Official at your organization much sign each of the forms as the Requestor, through your organization in order to submit, and make sure you complete all sections of the form (all nine pages).

Selecting a Role Authority

When completing the form, you’ll also be asked to select a role for each person that needs a GrantSolutions account. Select the Grantee role that the person that needs a GrantSolutions account will require. The roles are as follows.

  • The Authorizing or Administrative Official, commonly referred to as the applicant or grantee AO, is the same as the Signing Official on the SF-424 Application for Federal Assistance.
  • The Program Director or Principal Investigator, is the person responsible for the day-to-day operation of the grant project. This is probably the same as the Project Contact for your grant.
  • Support Staff are individuals who can view and enter all applications/amendments, and can enter but not submit Financial Status Reports in the grantee reporting module. They can also upload documents to grant notes.
  • The Financial Official is the person who has authority for all Grant Programs. They can also submit financial post award reports in the grantee reporting module and upload grant notes.
  • Financial Official Support Staff can do everything a grantee Financial Official can do except submit a final Financial Status Report in the grantee reporting module. They can also upload documents to grant notes.

If you have any questions about accessing GrantSolutions or completing the Grantee User Account Request Form, contact OCSRegistrar@icf.com. Visit disclaimer page

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