CED Gaining Access to the On-Line Data Collection System

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The On-Line Data Collection system (OLDC) is where you will submit your semi-annual Performance Progress Reports (PPRs). OLDC is accessed through GrantSolutions, but it is a separate system.

If your organization received a new CED grant or if a new staff member needs access to a grant in OLDC, access is granted by completing the Request for OLDC Access Form.

Note: When an organization that has received CED grants in the past is awarded a new CED grant, individuals with an existing GrantSolutions will use those login credentials to access new grants awarded to their organization. Often, returning grantees do not need to complete a Request for OLDC Access form. Instead, send the username you use to access the OLDC system to OCSRegistrar@icf.com Visit disclaimer page and we will grant you access. However, if new staff members who do not have an existing GrantSolutions account need access to OLDC, they will need to complete the Request for OLDC Access Form.

Completing the Request for OLDC Access Form

  1. Download the form at: /sites/default/files/ocs/oldc_new_reques...
  2. Fill out the sections of page 2 as outlined in the instructions below.
  3. Email the completed form to OCSRegistrar@icf.com Visit disclaimer page .

Instructions for Completing the Request for OLDC Access Form

Personal Information:

  • Enter your name, contact information, title, and browser information (i.e., Chrome, Internet Explorer).
  • Person Type: Grantee Staff
  • Select Yes or No to identify if you have an existing OLDC account.
  • Enter the grant number you need access to.


  • Programs: Community Economic Development
  • Forms: Select “All” and list the 4 forms of the PPR you need to access:
    • Grantee Information & Certification
    • A. Performance Measures
    • B. Program Indicators
    • E. Activity Based Expenditure
  • Job Type: Refer to the table on page 1 to identify the correct job type and enter it in this column.
    • Authorized Officials should enter Authorized Official.
    • Project Contacts should enter Grant Director.
  • Additional Roles: Refer to the table on page one to select additional roles.
    • Authorized Officials and Project Contacts should add all the additional grantee roles by listing the initials of each role in the “additional role” column.
  • Email Notification upon Submit: Select Yes to ensure you receive a notification from the system when the PPR has been successfully submitted in OLDC.

If you have any questions, contact OCSRegistrar@icf.com. Visit disclaimer page

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