CED Information for Prospective Grantees

Are You A Prospective CED Grantee? Use the resources below to learn about the Community Economic Development (CED) program, eligibility requirements, ways to create a successful job creation project, and how to apply for a CED grant.

Learn about the CED Program

CED is a federal grant program funding Community Development Corporations (CDCs) that address the economic needs of individuals and families with low income through the creation of sustainable business development and employment opportunities.To learn about the successes of current CED grants, visit the CED Grantee Spotlight page.

Understand Funding Eligibility

CED awards funds to private, non-profit organizations that are CDCs, including faith-based organizations, and Tribal and Alaskan Native organizations. Applicants must be a private, non-profit CDC experienced in developing and managing economic development projects. For purposes of this grant program, the CDC must be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of residents of the community and business and civic leaders. The CDC must have as a principal purpose planning, developing, or managing low-income housing or community development activities. Applicants must document their eligibility as a CDC for the purposes of this grant program.

Plan a Successful Job Creation Project

The Developing a Successful Job Creation Project Toolkit poses a series of discussion questions that will help your nonprofit organization think deeply about the elements required to design an economic development project that can successfully secure funding to create full-time, permanent jobs in low-income communities. While Community Economic Development often refers to both housing and economic development projects, this toolkit focuses specifically on large-scale job creation projects. Examples of large-scale job creation projects include real estate development (retail, commercial, industrial projects) and business development (social enterprises and business lending programs).

Apply for a CED Grant

The 2021 CED Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) application submissions are now closed.

View the Apply for a CED Grant page for information and resources related to the grant competition.

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